Samuel (Sam) Stein was born on August 20, 1916, and was 3rd Stein child. Like most of the Stein kids, he attended Marshall High School and graduated in 1934. He married Sylvia Perlstein on December 3, 1939. The Grandparents welcomed Sylvia into the family, and being an only child, she became fast friends with the other Aunts.

Their 1st child, Judy was born on May 14, 1941, and two years later they lost a child who was stillborn. They lived with Grandma and Grandpa until Judy was born, then moved to an apartment in Garfield Park. Sylvia’s mother, Rose, lived with them at that apt. He had a deferment and did not go into service during WW2. Sam became an upholster and went into business with Grandpa, sharing a store with him. Judy remembers Grandpa and her father carrying furniture on their heads as they went to deliver chairs and wondering how they did that!

The family then moved to Austin, on West End and Lotus, across from Austin High School. They lived there until after Judy married Stuart Ferst, in 1962. After Grandpa retired, Sam took over the upholstering store on Madison and Pine in Austin. In 1968, Sam moved the store to Oak Park, where he and Sylvia lived first in an apartment, and then a condo.

Sam was known by all to be warm, loving and understanding. He always had time to stop and talk and play with the grandkids. He loved to take them into the back of the store to build something. Sam and grandson Steve once built a double decker bed, with the bed on top and a platform for trains on the bottom. Judy didn’t know it was being done, but one day arrived home to find them putting it up in Steve’s bedroom. Mind you, this was unfinished wood.

Once, when Judy was dating someone who he did not think was good for her, with agreement, he dressed up in Sylvia’s clothes, with lipstick and earrings, to greet the boy. If he passed the test, it would be okay. The boy never called her back and now she figures that was a good thing. He had the best sense of humor, and Judy believes that she inherited it.

Sam passed away on August 25, 1982 after a long illness. Sylvia passed away in 2007. They are survived by Judy and Stuart, their 2 children, Stephanie and Stephen. Stephanie and her husband David Altman have 2 children, Tess & Jack. Stephen and his wife Beth have one child, Alexa.

Stuart says that he fell in love with Sam as much as he did with her.
What a man he was to all of us.


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