Phillip & Becky Stein

Phillip Stein (Bloshtein) was born in Kovna Gaberna, Lituania in 1887 to Jack Joseph Bloshtein. His wife, Bertha Satovitz was born in Abel, Russia to Lipman & Rachael Satovitz in 1892. Phillip migrated to America in 1902, Becky migrated to America in 1905 and they met in Chicago and married in 1908. They lived at 1214 S. Spaulding where their 1st child, Ida was born in 1910. Phillip worked as an upholsterer and had a store at 417 S. Kedzie. Ben, Sam, Dorothy, Gertrude, Esther (Estelle) and Robert were born there. The whole family lived in the back of the store from 1914 to 1927.

The family bought a lot at 3300 W. Warren Blvd. and built a 3 flat where they lived until 1934 when Phillip lost the property due to the depression. They then moved to 3114 Warren Blvd. After all their children married, they continued to live there, and gathered the family for many dinners and fond memories. Phillip operated an upholstery store on Madison St. from 1932 until he retired in 1960.

When Becky died in 1965, Phillip migrated to Israel, for 2 years, eventually returning to Chicago, where he passed away in 1968. Their grandchildren, great grandchildren and now great, great grandchildren reside across America and continue to celebrate their life together.

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